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Used car hire in Europe

Why hire new cars?

Used car hireFinding a used rental car in Europe is more difficult that you might imagine. As the price of new cars has dropped in recent years, it has become more and more commonplace for European rental companies to offer new cars in preference to second hand. This offers them the benefit of more reliable cars and therefore fewer problems, as well as improved customer relations as more people go away happy with their rental.

Benefits of a new car

It is possible to get a used rental car in Europe with some shopping around, however, there are certain benefits that the new and nearly new rentals offer. Possibly the most relevant of these advantages is the reliability of the car. Not only is the car less likely to break down but also you are much more likely to receive a replacement in the event that it does break down. If you're lucky you might even get a free upgrade.

Why many people avoid a used car hire

New car performance is also better. You will get better petrol consumption and there will be fewer minor problems with the car. Generally speaking a new car will be in better condition than any used rental car in Europe. This is a fairly obvious consideration, and is the reason that most people try to buy a new car in preference to a used one.

Avoiding the used car hire in Europe

Finding companies that specialise in offering a used rental car in Europe can be a difficult task and, in all honesty, the prices of doing so aren't that much cheaper than renting a new car. This is especially true when you consider the advantages that a new car holds over a used one. Increased performance and reliability combined with better looks and usually more features means that the small amount you save will be offset by the ease and other advantages.


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