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Car hire companies

The different car hire companies

It is virtually impossible to put a figure on the number of rental car companies in Europe. As well as the major operators there are a large amount of smaller, independent rental companies. While these may offer seemingly good value, they also generally carry less stock and may be less likely to replace a mildly damaged car. Regardless of which of the rental car companies you choose, often the most difficult part of renting a car is finding the best value rental car companies.

Specialist hire companies

Rental car companies come in various shapes and sizes and offer a wide range of different cars and deals. Some specialise in business customers with typically business cars, while others specialise in luxury or sports cars. Some specialist companies offer better rates on specific cars, but not always.

Finding the best company for your needs

As you can see, there are a number of factors that determine which the best rental car companies are. Finding the most appropriate for you will usually be determined by the type of car you want compared to the cars they have in stock and the location. If you are looking to rent a car from one location and leave it at another when finished, then you will probably have to use one of the larger networks of rental car companies that exist.

An easy way to compare all car hire companies

The easiest and quickest way to sift through the numerous rental car companies on offer is to use a comparison service like our own. We have access to the best deals from the best rental car companies around and by comparing prices on our site you can be assured of getting the best deal available for your circumstances. To manually get quotes from this many companies either over the phone or email would be virtually impossible and extremely time consuming. Not only do we offer fast and easy access to these prices we also enable you to easily compare all of your quotes from one manageable screen.

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