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Hire exotic and luxury cars

Why rent luxury cars?

Whether you are going on a business trip or you simply want to pamper yourselves on your next holiday, exotic and luxury rental cars are an ideal mode of transport. You get the opportunity to drive around in the sports car or high performance car that you've always dreamed of without having to worry about your next insurance premium or the cost of road tax. Exotic and luxury rental cars give you an excellent way to put the icing on your holiday cake.

Specialist rental companies

There are companies that specialise in providing exotic and luxury rental cars and many of the larger rental networks also have a good stock of them. Whether you want a classy looking Lexus to impress clients or a sporty Lotus to impress yourself there are rental companies that have the car for you.

Insurance and other factors

Be aware that not only will the rental itself generally cost you more, but you may also need to pay for specialist insurance depending on the car you choose. Your own insurance may not cover you to drive the type of car you want, and it will often be necessary to use the insurance offered by the rental company.

Exotic and luxury rental cars can be rented from any location around Europe. Many residents rent them purely to have the opportunity to drive an expensive car. Special weekend deals are sometimes available although you may need to book in advance.

Finding the right car

The more luxurious or the more exotic you go, the more difficult it will be to find a rental company to offer you the car. However, don't despair. We have details of exotic and luxury rental cars from several companies enabling you to compare the different offers that are available. This quick and simple process is easy to complete and will save you money on your rental.

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