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Car hire terms and car hire conditions

Deciding on the length of your car hire

The rental car companies have different pricing schemes depending on length of your car rental. Keep in mind that not returning a car in time can lead to hefty charges (usually you pay for another full day, even if the car is already returned 2 hours after the scheduled time).

Daily car hiring

Many companies offer daily car rentals, however, in the majority of cases they do not offer competitive prices. You would be well advised to look for a specialist daily car rentals company. As well as providing you with the best rates the terms and conditions of use are generally geared specifically towards the daily rental of a car. Some companies may place a mileage restriction on the actual use of the car so if you intend to drive a long distance, check with the company or the policy terms. Daily rates also normally incorporate all prices including insurance, but again it would be prudent to check.

Weekly car hiring

Weekly car rentals are the main stay of most rental companies. Generally speaking, the best value is often found in weekly car rentals and it can often prove beneficial to take a weekly rental in preference to five or six days. Always check the terms and conditions and find out whether insurance is included in the price, whether there is a surcharge for excessive mileage and other conditions.

Car hire by the month

Car rentals by the month have several uses. Many people use them while waiting for their permanent car to be delivered, whereas companies use them when taking on new members of staff while waiting for a company car. It is unusual for car rentals by the month to offer prices that are fully inclusive of insurance and you will normally need to ensure that you insure the car on a comprehensive basis.

Long term car hire vs buying a car in Europe

With the price of second hand cars being as low as they are now, it could be worth considering the purchase of a second hand car in preference to a long term rental. However, rentals do hold certain advantages. The biggest advantage is that if the car breaks down through no fault of your own then you can get it replaced quickly and easily. Long term rentals are perfect, especially as a stop gap car.

One way car hire in Europe

One way car rentals are regularly used by people to travel to or from an airport but do not require a car for any longer period of time. They are also sometimes used on touring holidays when a person or family start at one destination and travel around. As such there are usually guidelines regarding the use of the car and the destination where it needs to be dropped off. As always be sure to check terms and conditions to ensure that the car doesn't need to be dropped off at a certain time.

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