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Car Hire Prices In Europe

The Difference In Car Hire Prices

There really are an abundance of car rental companies operating throughout Europe. Some are relatively expensive while others have excellent deals that are almost impossible to beat elsewhere. Rental car prices will obviously differ from country to country but other factors also play a significant part in the actual price you pay.

Factors That Determine Car Hiring Price

Car-Hire-PricesAs well as car type, car make, and to some extent age, other factors play an important role. Even the fuel type can have an impact and high performance or sports cars will always cost more. Find out whether the quote includes insurance or not; in most cases it should be immediately obvious whether this is the case or not but it is always better to check.

Length Of Rental

One factor that is sometimes overlooked when it comes to rental car prices is the length of the rental. Renting for part of a week is often not much less expensive than renting for the entire week. Generally speaking, the longer the rental the less it costs per day. It may be unnecessary to rent the car for a week if you only need it for a weekend but always weight up the options when you are looking for prices.

The Excessive Mileage Charge

Rental car prices are generally all inclusive, except that they may carry an extra charge for excessive use. If you intend to use the car a lot then try to find rental car prices that offer unlimited mileage. The excess charge will be calculated when you return the car. You will be able to travel a certain number of miles during your rental, but if you exceed this you will be charged an amount per mile. This charge can be found in the details of the rental agreement or by asking the rental company.

A Final Word Of Note

Always be careful when looking at rental car prices, while they are affordable throughout Europe, charges that you weren't aware of can soon add up. Also, make sure you give the car a quick clean before you return it to ensure you receive your full deposit.

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