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Choosing the right car to hire for your trip

Car typesIt is not always easy to decide what car to rent. Besides the price most people are also interested to find a car that fits their needs. Rental car companies group their cars in certain segments, here is an overview of common rental car types:

Classic rental cars

Not everyone gets the opportunity to drive a classic or vintage car every day. Renting a car presents many people with that once in a lifetime opportunity. They may not be that fast and they may be old but they're loaded with character, charisma and style that are often lacking from newer cars.

Sports rental cars

The general concept behind a sports car is that it is designed for optimum performance. Generally they cost a lot of money to purchase and can cost a lot of money to run but they offer the ultimate in driving enjoyment. Perfect for that weekend away.

Economy rental cars

Going on a long journey? The economy car is the perfect solution to ensure you get there safely and comfortably without costing you an arm and a leg. Generally speaking economy cars are relatively small and lightweight but offer more than enough room for a family to travel.

Compact mid-size rental cars

Compact mid-size cars, also called a Sedan, a saloon or a family car. They offer the height of luxury for all travellers and usually have more than enough power to ensure you can get away from the lights. All the mod cons are normally found in the compact mid-size cars.

Standard rental car

A standard car is designed for family or group use. Comfort is afforded in the front and the back in equal measure and the latest accessories are fitted to ensure this comfort continues.

Full size rental car

The full size car is regularly referred to as a luxury car in European countries and, as the name suggests, it is spacious, high specification, modern and generally offers high performance.

Premium rental car

The premium car offers the utmost in luxury from the inside to the out. Comfort, appearance and internal fixtures are more important to the premium car that performance or economy.

Convertible rental car

A convertible is so called because it converts from a car with a roof to a car without a roof. They are generally very sporty and tend to have elegant looks combined with good performance to boot.

Minivan rental

The minivan goes by many names including the minibus, MUV, MPV, or a people carrier. The minivan is a must have for any large family or large group of people wanting to travel in comparative comfort.

SUV rental

SUVs are basically a combination of a pick up truck and a van. They have five seats as well as a large storage space behind the back seats. Mini SUVs have less seats but still offer the same storage. New SUV models also combine very good performance considering the size of the vehicle.

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