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Car hire insurances

An introduction to car hire insurances

One major stumbling block for many people looking to rent a car is the rental car insurances on offer. If you are looking to rent a car then always be aware of what your own insurance or your business insurance covers. It may be that you don't need the rental car insurances being offered to you, or at the very least you may not need the full cover. This can potentially save very reasonable amounts of money on any rental.

Paying twice

One of the most pertinent factors regarding the acceptance of rental car insurances is the fact that you may be paying for something you already have. Always be sure you know exactly what you require before you walk through the rental company door. While it is obviously important that you are covered, being covered twice does not make you twice as safe, it just means you are paying twice for rental car insurances.

Glossary of terms

A number of potentially confusing terms are also thrown about in rental car insurances, knowing what they mean is also important:

CDW stands for Collision Damage Waiver and for a fee it means that the rental company will not hold the client financially responsible for damage caused by a collision. LDW, or Loss Damage Waiver, protects you against the financial implications imposed by rental companies for the theft of the rental car.

Ensuring that your claim is valid before you need to make it

Check the conditions of each of these if you do accept the premiums. Rental car insurances are only valid when the stipulations outlined in the terms and conditions are met. As an example if you drive in a geographical region not covered by the rental car insurances then they will become invalid.

Using credit card coverage

Credit cards often cover the theft of or damage to a rental car. Unfortunately, credit card companies do not always offer this coverage on more expensive cars so contact your credit card company to determine which of the rental car insurances you will need to take full advantage of.

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